AdventureLink’s 2017 Summer Destinations

The weather is getting warmer, let’s plan your summer vacation ahead…

Sailing and Beach Breaks

When summer hits, the first word that catches in is COOL… Hop on a yacht or canoe and feel the breeze of cool air. Soak under the sun, snorkel and swim with marine life…

If going to a body of water is not your thing, we have best destinations for you below:


Celebrate with Canada’s 150th anniversary and the exchange rate makes it a good deal!
Visit Vancouver, ride a gondola in Banff, canoe on Lake Louise…


United States of America

Explore local national parks, raft the rapids of Colorado River, hike the striking landscape of Grand Canyon, stroll along California Coast or walk through city’s historic parks…



It feels like a real holiday when you travel in France. Visit medieval cities, alpine villages, Mediterranean beaches and the monumental Eiffel Tower.



Experience the beauty of the place and the people, explore medieval cities and long coastline on the Adriatic Sea.



Ireland is full of must-see attractions and valued cultural standard. Visit it’s amazing natural landscape like Cliffs of Moher. Explore the country full of historic landmarks and many castles to stay in, yes, there’s no shortage of castle here…



And some of the year-round destinations…

Costa Rica





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